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Thermogenic Liporeduction

In mythology, Prometheus stole the fabled fire of Olympus from the Gods for the benefit of all mankind.

Slimtum™ Prometheus uses the twin fires of scientific knowledge and natural wisdom to elevate your energy levels and metabolism to Olympian levels. This cutting edge lipolytic formulation unleashes serious fat burning potential to help make your body better. Enjoy the Burn!

Slimtum – Shape, Smarter. Body, Better.

Cutting Edge: Slimtum™ Prometheus uses the twin fires of cutting edge science and natural wisdom to elevate your fat burning to Olympian levels.

Synergistic Formulation: Prometheus by Slimtum™ is a multi-angle approach to fat burning - Increased metabolic function, thermogenesis, energy, insulin sensitivity and appetite reduction.

Conquer Your Day: Prometheus contains a potent stimulant formulation, giving you the prolonged energy and focus for the most demanding routines.

                     1. Energy Blend: Helps to ramp up and increase the metabolism while dramatically elevating energy and mood throughout the day.

                                         2. Lipid Transport Blend: Mobilises fatty acids and allows our body to utilise them for energy.

3. Sustained Burn Blend: Sustains the elevation in energy and metabolism for an extended period, maintaining mood, focus and fat burning throughout the day.

                                        4. Appetite Reduction Blend: Suppresses appetite in order to reduce hunger and increase satiation.

                    5. Thermogenic Anti-Lipid Blend: Elevates and activates metabolic pathways to increase fat reduction and calorie utilisation.

                          6. Diuretic, Anti-Bloat Blend: Lowers visibility of surface fat while illuminating fluid retention and reducing bloating.

7. Insulin Sensitisation Blend: Optimising insulin sensitivity and our body’s ability to utilise carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment while down regulating fat storage.

8. Absorption Aid: This final blend enhances the bioavailability of the ingredients in Prometheus, increasing your body’s ability to absorb each active ingredient optimally.


As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules before breakfast

Advanced users can take up to 4 caps per day (2 caps before breakfast,2 caps in early afternoon)

Due to high potency,assess tolerence by starting with 1 capsules daily for the first few days before increasing the dose.

Do not exceed 4 capsules daily


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