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A former college football player and world champion bodybuilder with over a decade spent formulating sports nutrition products, Kevin Lawrence put his advanced knowledge of protein nutrition to the ultimate test when faced with the life-shattering dilemma of a critically ill infant son.

Unable to nurse due to his mother’s complications with a C-section birth and subsequent antibiotic treatment, young Khalen began life on commercial infant formula. Roughly 8 weeks later, he developed a severe case of colitis which is especially dangerous for infants. A month later with no lasting improvement, Lawrence, while consulting with MD and biochemist friends, came to the unorthodox conclusion that Khalen might be suffering from an inability to digest the very large intact protein molecules found in infant formulas (and in all protein foods and supplements).

This concept was quite different than the standard medical hypothesis which generally attributes this condition to the source of the protein (milk, egg, soy, etc.) or other ingredients in the formula. After having tried several infant formulas with no success, Kevin designed a hydrolyzed whey formula that became the solution to his son’s condition. After feeding Khalen the hydrolyzed whey formula for just 2 days, he recovered completely! Khalen was fed this new formula daily and the malady did not return.