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One of the most popular fat burners for fat and weight loss ingredients is L-carnitine,an amino acid that’s directly responsible for transporting long-chain triglycerides, or fat, into the cells for energy production. It works with an enzyme called CPT-1, which comes from omega-3 fatty acid intake, to shuttle fat into the cell mitochondria, where it is burned in a process called beta-oxidation.

Most muscle-and-rippedness seekers use caffeine — but caffeine isn’t a nutrient, it’s a drug, albeit a naturally occurring one. If you use it infrequently and in moderation, it can provide some powerful fat-burning, muscle-building properties.

Research indicates that caffeine not only gives you an energy boost but can also help you contract your muscles harder because it stimulates your central nervous system — and it can help you burn more fat during exercise. Some studies show better fat metabolism during activity when a person is caffeinated.

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