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It’s your time that 1 hour of the day when we can put all other problems and stresses of life aside and just work out. Some days it’s a struggle and you feel like everything is 20% harder and heavier than it should be. We designed Rapid Pre to turn those sessions around.

With a combination of World Class ingredients including DYNAMINE™ and TEACRINE® Rapid Pre has the ability to deliver enhanced energy and laser like focus for every workout. Not only will you have intense energy to perform at the highest level we have added a synergistic blend of proven ingredients to increase blood flow (pump), Delay the onset of muscle fatigue and increase strength and power.

Supported by scientific research Rapid Pre combines quality patented ingredients with a complete transparent nutritional label that will deliver results every time. The key to top performance begins with energy and focus. Rapid Pre is a unique combination of Caffeine + Teacrine™ +Dynamine™ that really gives you the best of all worlds. You get the immediate feelings of alertness, energy, mood and mental clarity with the Caffeine + Dynamine™ combo then Teacrine™ kicks in and you enter a steady state of energy that lasts for hours.


Rapid Pre is a high quality pre-workout designed to help you shatter your workouts, the ingredient list includes:


DynamineOne of the hottest new patented ingredients to hit the market. Dynamine™ may increase energy, focus and mood, all without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

Caffeine: May increase energy levels, boost focus and elevate calorie expenditure especially during exercise.

Teacrine®: Is a patent pending compound which may increase energy, focus, mental clarity, improved motivation and mood, all with no crash to deliver a smooth lift in energy to break through training plateaus and reduce fatigue.

L-Citrulline Malate: May increase blood flow to your muscles allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered and also enhance PUMP.

Beta Alanine: Can work as a lactic acid buffer, with reduction in lactic acid build up in our muscle tissues which means you can get more REPS.

Synephrine HCL : Helps to increase your energy and mental focus.

Astragin : Astragin enhances absorption of nutrients so much it has been shown to increase amino acid uptake by up to 67%. It has other benefits as well including Gut health, Immune support and increasing protein synthesis.

Take 1 half scoop (6.4g) in 125ml of water or for experienced users take 1 scoop (12.8g) in 250mL of water 20-30 minutes before exercise, preferably on an empty stomach.


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