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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer

Gold Standard Gainer is built on a foundation of complete dairy proteins, mostly from isolate sources. The carbohydrate blend includes oat, pea and potato and the fats include medium chain triglycerides, chia and flax. Obviously, this is not your typical gainer formula. ON took it a step further by making it easy to mix up in a shaker cup. No blender needed. This is the new Gold Standard for weight gain.

  • Complete Proteins From Primarily Isolate Sources
  • Complex Carbohydrates Oat, Pea & Potato
  • Fats From Flax, Chia & MCTs
  • Mixes Easily Into Cold Water or Milk
  • Banned Substance Tested

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer Benefits

Pros & Effectiveness

As a mass gainer, the new Gold Standard Gainer lies somewhere between Serious Mass and Pro Gainer. It offers a fairly large amount of calories and offers a 2 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. You can still easily term this a lean gainer, but will still suit those who are having a bit of trouble gaining weight.

The ingredients though appear to resemble more like the Pro Gainer formula than the Serious Mass one. Providing a nice blend of medium to fast absorbing proteins, the blend will help to provide ample amino acids to your muscles over a period of 4-5 hours. As such, Gold Standard Gainer is best utilised throughout the day and its absorption profile is perfect for those bulkers who might not have the most diligent meal intake schedule.

One particular highlight of the supplement is its use of the carbohydrate known as Carb 10. Derived from the power of peas, Carb 10 is a specialty ingredient that was created by Compound Solutions; an advanced sports performance nutraceuticals company. What makes Carb 10 special is its ability to be quickly digested and transported to the muscles where it can work its magic in supporting recovery through glycogen replenishment, without massively raising blood glucose or insulin levels1.

Insulin can definitely be a good thing when it comes to building muscle, as it is a very anabolic hormone and can help support better movement of amino acids into the muscle. However, super high insulin levels from a lot of fast digesting carbs can potentially drive fat storage up, as well as create a sluggish, lethargic crash once those levels come down. By using Carb 10, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer can help you maintain a leaner bulking body composition, whilst ensuring you’re not too zonked to perform adequately throughout the day.

Between meals - Mix 1 scoop of Gold Standard gainer with 10oz milk or water and consume between meals.

Post Workout - Mix 1-2 scoops of Gold Standard gainer with 10-20oz of milk or water 30-45 minutes after training.

Before Bed - Mix 1 scoop of Gold Standard gainer with milk or water and consume 45-60 minutes before bed.

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