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Next Generation Megamass Forte Tribulus Testosterone mega mass Booster 60 Caps



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Next Generation Supplements


  • High Potency Tribulus  (AUSTL:159143)
  • Helps support/enhance sexual function and libido for males and females
  • Increase performance and endurance
  • Highest quality steroidal saponins
  • 336mg of saponin per capsule
  • Each capsule contains dry concentrate root/fruit equal to 42grams
  • Aids assists or helps in the maintenance or improvement of general well being
  • Liver tonic

  • Megamass Forte is currently the highest strength tribulus capsule on the market that is standardised. The word 'standardised' in this sense relates to the efficacy and accuracy of active ingredients in each and every capsule.
  • Megamass Forte has many and varied benefits which the user may feel to varying degrees.
  • Dosages listed below are variable and dependent on age and response. Refer to product label for further information

Active Ingredients

Each capsule contains:
Tribulus terrestris exract dry concentrate equivelant root/fruit -  42gms.
Equivelant saponins - 336mg


Males < 25 years of age 1 Capsule daily initially (refer to package)
Males > 25 years of age 1 Capsule daily 
Females 1 Capsule every other day

Males must not exceed two bottles without first having a 4 week break, prior to recommencing.
Females should not exceed 1 bottle before having a 4 week break, prior to recommencing.
Tablets should be taken one at a time, and spread out during the day with or without food. Males should not exceed
3 capsules daily. Females should not exceed 2 capsules daily 


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